10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Content Writers

Imagine opening new tabs whenever you want to search or check something; it sounds exhausting, right? Chrome extensions have made things easier for digital marketers. The convenience of an operative app within a browser makes working on the internet convenient.

There are some great Chrome extensions available for people who are passionate about or make a living out of writing. Here is a list of the best chrome extensions for writers in 2023 that can help them get the most out of their time and effort.

Check out the list of the 10 best Chrome extension for writers in 2023. These add-ons will get you started on creating reader-friendly and eye-catchy content.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online writing tool that is based on AI and NLP. In most cases, Grammarly is considered to be one of the greatest products in the arsenal of a writer. It helps remove writing faults and get the precise words you need to express your thoughts in the write-up, along with correcting grammar and spelling.

Grammarly is also available on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and virtually everywhere on the internet that needs you to write something down. It offers specific recommendations to help you write better.

2. Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere add-on will help you look up keywords when creating blogs or articles. In addition, searching for long-tail keywords with precise search volume, meaning, and CPC statistics is easier with this Chrome extension for writers. This add-on also extracts information from Google, including ‘What People Search For’ and ‘Related Keywords’, helping you understand the volume metrics as shown on the search pages.

3. Just Read

We know that Chrome has its own feature for reader mode. But if you want more flexibility, Just Read is the right Chrome add-on for you. The plugin will remove all unnecessary information from a website and load the primary text and graphics in a plain interface.

Button, advertisements, background pictures, comments, and the text of the side and bottom panels are among the stripped content. As a result, the article is left uncluttered and free of unnecessary distractions, making it simpler to do content research because you won’t feel overburdened by it.

4. Google Similar Pages

You can find websites similar to the one you currently see using Google Similar Pages. A wonderful way to discover new websites for reference is to use this extension to discover other websites similar to the one you are currently browsing. When you click the extension button on any website, a list of connections to related websites will show up. These links lead to the website directly in a new tab.

5. Headlinr

Headlinr is a best chrome extension for bloggers as it helps with eye-catching headlines to draw the attention of the audience and improve exposure. The extension allows you to generate interesting headlines by just feeding in the focus word.

This add-on has thousands of attractive headings that automatically alter with the word/s you enter to create a new heading. As it uses a set database of headings, some of the headings might not be perfect, but the majority can provide a starting point for a nice heading with some human editing.

6. OneTab

A lot of research goes into writing, so you will have many tabs open. Unfortunately, too many open tabs can significantly slow down and clog the browser. OneTab can fix this issue by closing all open tabs and compiling a list of all visited websites in one place.

This will free up all of the tabs’ memory, making browsing the list simpler and opening only the ones you need right away. You can open and close tabs from the OneTab window. You can also bulk open or bulk close the tabs too. The extension also gives you the option to export and access the tabs on another device or save them securely for future use.

7. Speech-to-text

The speech-to-text Chrome extension helps you loosely sketch the contents while creating drafts. Additionally, Speech To Text is a good choice because it is capable of recognizing multiple languages.. You can turn your speeches into texts with this Chrome browser addition to ease your content writing process.

8. Loom for Chrome

Adding screenshots, videos, and photographs to your content is just as crucial as adding backlinks. Images and videos help your target audience understand your content, especially if you are writing for a knowledge base. This makes your content easier to read and increases website engagement. Loom for Chrome can take screenshots, GIFs, movies, and more on the fly and store them in its own cloud space.

9. WordTune

Quite often, content writers struggle to use the right words in order to create well-structured and likable content. When this happens, the Wordtune Chrome extension is the best way out, as it offers recommendations for high-quality, user-engaging content. You can choose the most relevant sentence from the extension as you deem fit and increase the quality of your content.

10. Google Keep

When it comes to content creation, planning and maintaining minor details of the write-up is of prime importance. Such details can be extremely helpful in easing the work at the time of actually writing the content. And while you can find apps like Notepad, and Notes on Windows and Mac, having one built-in on the browser offers great convenience.

With Google Keep, you don’t even need to exit the browser to store links, photos, etc. You can store items in Google Keep and use them in the future or whenever the need be.


Installing the best Chrome extension for writers is more important than you may think. It makes work so much easier. This list of the best extension for Chrome can be a lifesaver for content creators and digital marketers.

We’ll bring you more on such topics. Just keep following this space to know more!

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