Mistakes Travelers Commit While in Palm Springs

With good reason, Palm Springs, California, has developed from being Hollywood’s desert playground to a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. The warm paradise offers stunning views, fantastic dining and shopping options, and a lot of interesting history.

However, not everyone who visits Palm Springs does so to its maximum extent. We asked the locals to describe some typical tourist mistakes they’ve seen.

Here are 11 mistakes visitors frequently make while visiting Palm Springs, along with suggestions on how to prevent them when traveling. They range from neglecting to drink enough water to overlooking the best local treasures.

Lack of Hydration

“Because it is the desert, you cannot feel your sweat. We wholeheartedly encourage you to have a margarita—or three—make sure you’re also getting plenty of water and electrolytes. Be extremely cautious and ready when drinking, trekking, or even just relaxing by the pool because heat stroke is a genuine threat.

Leaving Sunscreen Behind

Not bringing a huge hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen would be a mistake. Although the sun is great, it is really strong; you don’t want to burn yourself and turn into a lizard.

The Local Businesses Are Missing

“Tourists don’t take advantage of the local mom-and-pop shops when they visit Palm Springs and the surrounding areas. We have several fantastic restaurants, craft stores, art galleries, etc. Although I don’t see anything wrong with tourists frequently heading directly for the well-known stores and companies, I believe they are missing out on the genuine Palm Springs and its surroundings. The rate of expansion in Palm Springs is outpacing all predictions, and the city has a highly rich and artistic history. This indicates that fresh small enterprises are always emerging and ready to be discovered.

Considering It Not Family-Friendly

Tourists may believe Palm Springs is unsuitable for families, but there are plenty of activities available. There are lovely treks like Tahquitz Canyon, great eateries like Farm that foster a warm atmosphere, and dessert at Great Shakes that is unquestionably a throwback. A gem, Palm Springs. Everyone can find something here.

Using A Standard Hotel

Not booking a room at one of the amazing boutique hotels in the desert would be a mistake. The hotels are so unique that you could easily never leave yours and yet have a fantastic trip, whether it is the cool midcentury style of The Parker, the green and white striped oasis of The Colony Palms, the pink utopia of The Sand, or the blue and white decor of Holiday House.

Missing Out on Scenic Drives

Another error would be to skip driving or riding a rental car through the neighborhoods to spot the renowned mid-century architecture and Instagrammable colorful doors.


“Don’t make too many plans. The allure of Palm Springs is that you may laze by the pool while doing nothing but enjoying a delightful beverage, delectable food, and the odd swim. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

“Not taking enough time to simply be and take in the views is the biggest mistake I see first-time visitors make. Be patient; don’t rush. Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the scenery because the desert is a stunning, lovely, and fascinating place.

Considering That Everything Is Downtown

“One oversight I see first-time visitors make is staying within Downtown Palm Springs’ limits. Although downtown is fantastic and offers a lot, venturing off the main path may also be a delightful and interesting experience. For instance, visiting Desert Hot Springs’ natural hot springs is such a revitalizing, energizing, and refreshing experience.

“Don’t automatically assume that downtown neighborhoods like Palm Canyon Drive are home to the best hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and attractions. Don’t get me wrong, that area has some fantastic things, but some of my favorite desert hidden gems are away from the main tourist routes. On Highway 111 in Palm Desert, there is a fantastic boutique hotel called The Sands Hotel. Off Highway 74, there is wonderful hiking in the Palm Desert. Another favorite location is Pioneertown, a historical community in the high desert with a Western feel, and Pappy & Harriet’s, a fantastic restaurant and concert venue. The best vegan restaurant in the neighborhood, in my view, is Chef Tanya’s, however, neither of their locations is on a “major drag.”

Choosing Not To Attend Open Houses

“Making no use of the fantastic open houses on the weekends would be a mistake. Watch out for some of the most beautifully constructed homes and well-kept neighborhoods—exactly the location where the utopia from “Don’t Worry, Darling” was filmed.

Absent from the Art Museum

People frequently make the error of omitting to visit the magnificent Palm Springs Art Museum. Although the Art Museum is located downtown, has a vibrant collection, and is well-known for its vintage stores and galleries, it is frequently disregarded. The Palm Springs Art Museum includes a distinct Architecture & Design Center for people who share my passion for design. This center is housed in a stunning 1960 International Style building created by architect E. Stewart Williams. You must not miss it!

“Tourists frequently mistakenly think that Palm Springs is only for golf-loving retirees. With the new Acrisure Arena, Palm Springs Museum, and several boutiques filled with unique items, there is so much more to offer.

Leaving Vintage Shopping Behind

“Don’t forget to benefit from the fantastic antique shopping. The Frippery, The Fine Art of Design, Spaces, and more vintage clothes, furniture, and décor havens can be found in Palm Springs. Get ready to work out if vintage shopping is your cardio!

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